We originally went into production commercially in October 2008, whilst James was still working full time in Swindon. and within weeks James’ inaugural beer INNspiration was shortlisted from over a hundred beers in a blind tasting at the CAMRA beer festival in Swindon.  “Such an easy drinking beer, very more-ish.  A beer to be gulped not sipped” , was the judges’ comment.   At this point the brewery was producing only 10 casks a week!

This was all the confirmation that the new brewery needed that it was on the right track, and James left his position as an IT consultant to brew full time in July 2009.  

As the business grew we planned to move into a large barn on our land, but we became tied up in the red tape of the planning department and eventually moved to new premises on the Deverill Road Trading Estate in Sutton Veny, three miles down the road.

Three upgrades in plant size later we find ourselves here today, with a bigger work force, much bigger capacity and without doubt more headroom in the brewery!

And what of the garages?  Well, one now houses this year’s cider fermentation and the other several quails and half a dozen brahma chicks!

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