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If you're a pub landlord or landlady we can get you beers in 9 or 18 gallon casks Just tell us when you want it and we'll be there. If you've not had our beer in your pub then you're in for a pleasant surprise. We are known for the quality and consistency of our beers. We've been told by many pubs that if a customer walks in and sees Plain Ales on the bar they'll drink it whatever it is. Maybe apart from Inncognito, the CAMRA best stout in the UK a few years ago. Mmm Port stout....lovely. 

Many pubs have at least one of our beers on as their house beer with some getting through 7 or 8 casks a week.

Party or drinking at home?

If you're local to the brewery then we can sell you beer in 4 or 8 pint containers, 18 pint or 36 pint boxes, 36 pint or 72 pint casks. If you want a particular beer then just let us know ahead and we will do our best.

If you're not local give us a call anyway and we'll try and sort you out!



Soon you will be able buy beer here online. Click HERE and we'll let you know when you can! Under starters orders......