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Our Next Steps

To protect Plain Ales from future lockdowns, we decided to explore some new methods of distributing our products and developing new ranges. We have three great ideas.



Our first idea was to bottle our current range of beers.

Bottling would allow us to distribute the products on a national level and keeps the beer in great condition for longer periods.

With Christmas around the corner, the bottling process has already begun with the first batch being released soon.

Image by Elevate

New craft beer range

Our second idea is to develop an exciting new craft beer range, currently in the design process.

While many of you are familiar with the core Plain Ales range, we have been trialling our craft beers under the banner of Kult Brewing Company.

These beers embrace the craft beer movement, rather than the more traditional ales and stouts of our current range.

This style of beer is more suited to being packaged in cans and kegs.


Our third and final idea is the development of a premium lager.

While this may not appeal to some of our more traditional ale drinkers, I can guarantee that this will be a flavoursome and refreshing pilsner, unlike some of the more well-known brands.

These new revenue streams will open up a whole new market of online and retail outlets to further expand our brand and ambitions.

Image by Thais Do Rio

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